5 Myths About Going Green

Protecting the environment, or going green, is something more and more people are doing these days. You may be wondering if the things you do will make an impact. 

Here are five myths about going green:

1. One of the misconceptions about going green is that it uses more energy to recycle than it saves. However, part of the reason recycling is used by many manufacturers is that it does actually save energy.  For instance, it takes 95% more energy to make a new aluminum can than it does to recycle one.  Another benefit of recycling is that most items can be recycled over and over again.

2. Another myth about going green is that it is better to keep an old appliance and get it fixed rather than buying a new one.  Appliances can be expensive so no one would blame you for trying to save money by repairing an old appliance instead of getting something new.  
However, if you are looking from an eco friendly perspective, buying new is definitely ‘greener.’  This is because newer appliances are made to be more efficient, which means you can save up to 90% energy usage with them.  When you are ready to invest in newer appliances be sure to check for ways that you can recycle the old ones.

3. The idea that building a greener home is expensive is another myth.  While it may be more expensive during the actual building process, the energy savings can be substantial.  It is also relatively easy to incorporate green designs into existing homes and buildings - often without adding to the cost.  Be sure to check out what's available locally to see what options might be viable for your home or future building project.

4. Some people believe that the main reason for choosing to go green is a concern about our ‘carbon footprint.’  The truth of the matter is that most people are going green to save money on their heating and cooling bills.  Less than 30% of those going green do so because of their concern for the environment.  Everyone has their personal reasons for going green - health, financial saving, environmental, etc.  You can read more about why people choose to go green here.

5. Finally, the last myth that people often believe about going green is that the little bit that they do won't make a difference. The truth is that even small changes can improve your health, save you money, and protect the environment.  

There are many myths holding people back from starting on their green living adventure.  It is a very personal decision in which you need to determine if the potential savings are worth the effort of making the changes for your family and the environment.  Some changes are as simple as saving energy by dusting your light bulbs regularly while other changes require a bit more effort (think electric vehicles and solar panels).  Determining what your goals and boundaries are can help you determine what it is that you can start doing.  Never lose hope and keep it as simple as you have to...those little changes made consistently over time can have a profound impact.  


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  1. Thank you for posting. I find point four to be particularly interesting, and I think it's important for those who need extra incentives for going green!

  2. Definitely agree with 5...thanks for posting!

  3. I'm SO here for this! I love the conversation around other reasons to go green besides the obvious. Financial motivation is just as valid.


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