Green Living Goal #4: Reusable Beverage Containers

Saying goodbye to single use beverage bottles is a green goal that I think will be making a huge difference in my waste creation and disposal.  Check out this link for some facts & stats about plastic water bottles:

After many years of living on my own I moved back in with my parents (that’s a story for another time).  I’ve had to make a lot of adjustments as I’ve gone from running a minimal waste household to blending into their more conventional lifestyle.  At first, I tried to make accommodations and found myself falling into old habits out of convenience.  My parents ALWAYS have cases of single use disposable plastic bottles available and it ended up taking a little bit of effort to avoid grabbing one while on the go.  I’ve been recycling all the bottles, which makes me a little money when I get the deposit back but I still feel awful for even living under the same roof with this source of waste.  This year, I have decided that I will not buy or use single use beverage containers.  I will use my filtered water pitcher to refill my bottles, create my own seltzer in reusable bottles, drink my coffee and tea from reusable on the go mugs, and bring my own cup while eating at places that have on the go beverages.   So far this has been working really well.  I told the people I spend time with about my goal for accountability and I keep a reusable hot/cold cup on me.  I have also used my reusable drink bottles while traveling and on the go without issue.  As this habit becomes second nature I can feel really good about the amount of trash I am keeping out of the waste stream and the resources I am conserving by sticking to reusables. 

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