Nat'l Hanging Out Day! (April 19th)

Did you know?
Within the average household electric dryers account for 6-10% of energy consumption. 

National Hanging Out Day was established in 1955 to bring attention to energy waste associated with machine dryers and to encourage people to dry their clothes in the open air. 

Whether we like it or not, chores are an essential part of life and one of those essential, modern day chores is laundry.  A simple way to green or laundry routine is to get back to basics and line dry our items.  The sun acts as a natural antimicrobial agent so using a clothesline outside when the weather allows is good for your health.  For indoor drying you can use a clothes rack.  No matter the location of your drying clothes with each load of laundry you’ll be conserving energy and protecting the planet. 

If you must use a dryer for your clothes, you can conserve energy by keeping your duct clean and well maintained.  Using an efficient model of dryer can help conserve energy and water, saving you money.  Plus, efficient models are gentler on your clothes making them last longer and saving you even more money and resources in the future.

With tomorrow being National Hanging Out Day I encourage all of you to hang dry your next load of laundry.  Take some pics of your colorful clothesline and drop it in the comments below and share them on my social media accounts. 

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