Nat'l Make Lunch Count Day! (April 13)

Tomorrow is Make Lunch Count Day, a day set aside to get away from your desk and enjoy your midday lunch away from the office.  This is so important because 73% of people eat lunch at their desks at least 2x/week and one third of workers eat lunch at their desks every single day.  Are you guilty of this?  I am!  I typically pack my lunch 5 days/week and end up eating at my desk 3-5 days per week.  On Mondays I dog sit on my lunch break and I try to make it a point to go to my parents house one a week to eat my lunch with them and my niece.  But, most of the time I stay at my desk because it's convenient. 

There are lots of ways to celebrate Make Lunch Count Day and you can make it count even more by keeping your meal eco-friendly.  I plan to pack a zero waste picnic and invite one of my coworkers to join me at the local park to share lunch, a quick walk and some good conversation.  This midday break is a great way to clear your mind and leaves you feeling more refreshed to take on the afternoon when you return to work.  In fact, this sounds like such a good plan I think I'll try to do it at least once a week when the weather permits. 

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