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Composting Made Easy

Creating your own compost isn’t difficult to do. You likely already have all the tools and ingredients you need to start composting in your own yard. You can use the compost to improve garden soil for planting. It’s the best way to make the richest garden soil and the healthiest plants. Using your own compost to make your own soil is an amazing experience. What you get when you’re done is rich, black soil that smells fresh and new. It’s nature at its finest, breaking down the materials into the basic building blocks of life. Step #1: Gather Carbon-Rich Materials Shredded newspapers, fall leaves, straw, dead flowers and other brown matter from your yard will work great as brown materials. Spread carbon-rich materials around at least a 3-foot by 3-foot area, making it at least a few inches thick in a sunny location of your yard. If you’re not using a container, use big sticks and fallen branches to create a base area. Step #2: Add Nitrogen-Rich Materials Now take green materi

The Eco Friendly Shopping Cart

To counteract the damage that mankind is inflicting on the Earth, we need to start thinking about using sustainable products which use as little energy and waste as possible in their manufacture. Here is an ethical shopping list, designed with being kind to ourselves and our planet in mind. Newspaper – It allegedly takes 63000 trees to make one edition of the Sunday New York Times, a huge waste of CO2 reducing forests, so newspapers can be a waste of resources even if we do recycle them. To counteract this don t buy a newspaper, read the news online. Every major newspaper in the world has online editions, so ethically speaking you can keep up-to-date with the news without affecting the natural world too much. Milk – Buy your milk from the milkman. Local dairies use glass bottles which are then washed and recycled, certainly saving on the plastic waste that supermarkets and most shops sell their milk in. Also by using a milkman, who delivers to a number of people in one area,

Green Jobs are Growing

A combination of legislation and activism is inspiring companies to consider the "green" side to their business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows environmentally related occupations were projected to grow 38 percent more than all other occupations combined by 2016. The report, "Current and Potential Green Jobs in the U.S. Economy," predicts the highest growth of green jobs will be in renewable power generation, retrofitting residential and commercial areas and in renewable transportation fuels. As a result, universities are increasingly integrating economic, environmental and social issues into their curriculum. One of these institutions, has created several green focused specializations to build on the school's core degree programs including business administration with a specialization in sustainability management, and electronics engineering technology with a specialization in renewable energy. "Education needs to reflect this trend for the fut

Fair Trade

May 12th is World Fair Trade Day, celebrate by understand what the term fair trade actually means and how it fits in with living a green lifestyle.    Once you decide that you want to be an eco-conscious consumer, you will connect your environmentalism with other ethical considerations and personal values.  Green consumers often try to source raw materials or buy wholesale from "fair trade" co-operatives and small businesses.  It is not enough to invest in products labeled as being "green".  Green is a mindset and group of values which reflect a dedication to sustainability, being organic, and sourcing fair trade products.   As the name suggests, fair trade means that the suppliers, such as coffee farmers, are paid a fair wage for their produce, not forced to live on a poverty-level wage. Coffee, tea, and cocoa are just a few of the items you might have in your office kitchen. Fair trade clothing, jewelry and furniture might all be part of your new shopping re

Simple Meditation Tips for Everybody

We all need to relax after a long days work.  We simply cannot do without it because it is a basic need for all human beings.  When you are relaxed then you are able to handle the worries that we go through from time to time.  This is possible because relaxing equips us and prepares so that with can deal with any kind of stress.  You are supposed to deal with those things which are stressing when you are relaxed.  You should befriend stress and so you should think of it as the worst enemy of your life and in your everyday circumstances. This is because its effects are long term and it usually leads to illness which cannot be cured within a short time.  It tampers with your health making you not to be able to work effectively. The best that you can be assured of relaxation is through meditation.  Meditation is simply defined as the exercise of strong and focused alertness whereby there is finely tuned concentration and reflection.  It is highly related to religious matters w

4 Ways To Get Rid of Garden Pests Naturally

Starting an organic garden is great for your health and can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars each year. However, if you’re not careful about taking preventative measures in your garden, you run the risk of having it attacked by bugs and pests of all kinds which defeats the purpose of saving money. Using pesticides and other harmful chemicals eliminates the idea of a fully natural garden and such chemicals can cause health problems. If you’ve just started a garden or simply can’t seem to figure out how to remove pests naturally, the tips in this blog post are sure to help you. 1.  Panty Hose Alright, so you probably never thought that a spare pair of panty hose could keep the bugs away in your garden but they are great deterrents.  All you have to do is take a pair of panty hose and stretch them so that they cover your tomato plants.  This keeps birds, squirrels, and other pests away.  Pantyhose are very versatile and serve several purposes in your garden.  Y