4 Ways To Get Rid of Garden Pests Naturally

Starting an organic garden is great for your health and can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars each year. However, if you’re not careful about taking preventative measures in your garden, you run the risk of having it attacked by bugs and pests of all kinds which defeats the purpose of saving money.

Using pesticides and other harmful chemicals eliminates the idea of a fully natural garden and such chemicals can cause health problems. If you’ve just started a garden or simply can’t seem to figure out how to remove pests naturally, the tips in this blog post are sure to help you.

1.  Panty Hose

Alright, so you probably never thought that a spare pair of panty hose could keep the bugs away in your garden but they are great deterrents.  All you have to do is take a pair of panty hose and stretch them so that they cover your tomato plants.  This keeps birds, squirrels, and other pests away. 

Pantyhose are very versatile and serve several purposes in your garden.  You can also keep the bugs away from your small fruits and vegetables by pulling a pair over the wire cages. Some gardeners have even praised the use of pantyhose for preventing ground rot in melons.  All you have to do is slide the melon into the foot of a pantyhose and then tie the top half of the pantyhose to a stake. This allows the melon to hang just above the ground while it continues to grow. 

2.  Egg Shells

The next time you make something that requires eggs don’t throw the shells away.  You can actually place them in your garden for use as a pest repellent.  Egg shells are great for keeping elk and deer from eating up your plants.  There is nothing required for prepping the shells you simply throw them near your crops.  What’s great about the shells is that they are also great to use for fertilizer. 

3.  Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is ideal for keeping away pesky bugs such as ants from your organic garden.  All you have to do is sprinkle a bit of the seasoning onto the soil in your garden.  This will work as long as you remember to sprinkle more periodically as it rains or as you water your plants.  Cayenne pepper is also a safe repellent to keep your pets out of your yard. Often dogs like to dig up the gardens and cats like to turn the garden into the liter box.  A few shakes of cayenne pepper will deter your pets from turning your garden upside down. 

4.  Dish Soap

Last, but certainly not least dish soap can work wonders for keeping the bugs out.  All you need is a clean spray bottle, some dish soap, and water.  Add 1 part dish soap and 10 parts water to the spray bottle.  Spray it lightly over all of your plants and watch the bugs go crawling the other way.  Dish soap is much safer on plants and does not harm them as traditional chemical pesticides might.

With a few household items you can easily protect your garden by fighting nature with nature.  Have you tried any of these methods?  Do you have any others that work well for you?

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