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The Truth About Phthalates and Your Health

You may have read headlines saying that eating out can contribute to weight gain, heart conditions, and other health issues. Now there’s a study that says too many restaurant meals or fast food trips could also disrupt your hormones. The culprits are a group of chemicals called phthalates, and they’re a subject of growing concern. This latest study found that adults who ate out frequently had phthalate levels 35% higher than those who prepared most of their meals at home. While all kinds of restaurant, cafeteria, and fast food items increased phthalate exposure, cheeseburgers and sandwiches appeared to carry the highest risk. This news is important because these chemicals have been linked to serious conditions including asthma, diabetes, obesity, and reduced fertility. Find out what you can do to limit your exposure and eat healthier. Cutting Back on Phthalates It would be difficult to avoid phthalates completely because they’re in many items. That includes shampoo and dish

Eco Friendly Beverage Bottles

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must be aware of the fact that going green is the talk of the town today. It s a trend which most people follow these days. This is a good sign not only for the global environment, but also our well being. For instance, if you have been to witness a marathon or an Olympic event, you will notice a lot of fluid consumption during the entire event. You don't have to inform a sportsperson to hydrate. It's more of a natural thing which he/she may already know.  The amount of thrown away items you will see in the trashcan after the event will certainly keep you gazing over the fact that there is a need for a change. When we consider the massive amount of accessories involved in a sports event, it s obvious that going green is a healthy choice. Since there are truckloads of sports event happening in all parts of the world, imagine the immense contribution eco sports water bottles would have on the global environment. Since they are reusa

The Power of Yoga

There are several ways of meditate that people use these days. One of the most ancient and powerful one is yoga. Basically, this is a variety of practices that were practiced in the Indian culture. They were termed as spiritual practices. It is believed that through yoga, one can understand past his or her ability. Using the meditation and asceticism that is associated with yoga, people tend to attain a level of insight that enables tem see pats their eyes and understand various phenomena that many cannot with their basic human instincts. Yoga has existed for over 5000 years and is still going strong. The first place where yoga was used was in Mahabharata by the famous Lord Krishna. He was imparting the skill on one of his students known as Arjuna so that he may see life on another perspective and be able to live a quality life. Since then, yoga has set the pace for meditation practices. Yoga works in such a way that it unites both the body and the mind making them one stro

Greening Your Wardrobe

The perfect way to show off nowadays is through adorning yourself in clothes, which show that you are serious about environmental care and preservation. Green living is being conscious of and living an environmentally healthy life. There are various ways to achieve this; helping to overcome environmental problems, and finding ways to its solutions, the problem of natural resources, and the ways to rectify them. Domestically how can one live a green life? Following the basics, and starting from square one. As soon as your leave a room, switch off all lights, do not leave the television on stand-by mode. Try not to use sprays, or else use eco-friendly ones. Save water by taking a shower instead of a bath. Use public transport and car-pooling to become a source of saving the environment from the hazardous emissions from the car. Plant trees everywhere. Switch to a laptop from a desktop. All such apparently small measures need to be taken seriously. Ethically produced clothes are ref

Nature Photography

Nothing is better than taking pictures of nature. Even amateur photographers gravitate toward taking pictures of nature because it’s easier to get a good picture. After all, nature is the most magnificent work of art, and you want to do it justice with your pictures. There are a few ways to make your nature photography look great. Take Pictures When It’s Overcast Believe it or not, a good overcast day is an excellent time to take nature pictures. The reason is that the lighting is kind of like having diffused lighting, which makes things look soft and beautiful. Take Images during Twilight This works really well if you’re at the beach and can take an image pointing out to sea. The light will play off the different textures and make the image come to life in a different way. It’s a great time to take an image in nature. Take a Photograph during the Golden Hour As you know, lighting is one of the most important aspects of taking a good photograph. Nature provides a wide varie

Wind Power

June 15th is Global Wind Day! Various alternative power supplies like wind power are a very valuable source that could meet the needs of many consumers.  As of the end of 2014, the United States wind power capacity was at 65,879 megawatts. In 2013, the 168 million megawatts of energy that wind turbines produced resulted in the elimination of 95.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity in the entire world and it’s not hard to see why. Wind energy projects do not pollute or contaminate the surrounding area on which they are built. Not only that, a single turbine produces enough energy to power 500 households. For more green living tips follow me on  Facebook  &  Instagram  and be sure to subscribe to my  Website  for your  FREE Green Living Planner .

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Up until recently consumers were presented with the most potent, harshest chemicals they could purchase to clean their carpet.  However, there are less hazardous, healthier carpet cleaning product solutions these days.  Bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-chemical products and procedures are better for the earth, as well as far healthier for the body and overall well being. Newer versions of carpet shampoos now have organic formula varieties with packaging that is biodegradable and non-toxic.  This kind of cleaner is safe for kids, pets and persons with asthma or other sensitivities and chemical-induced allergies. Professional carpet cleaning services also have their own eco-friendly systems.  One offering is dry extraction carpet cleaning.  Pros are using moist organic compounds as cleaning agents and are utilizing more advanced equipment that create less waste.  Some cleaning companies feature powerful, yet non-toxic, cleaning by using oxygenated brightener, which is a color-safe, h

5 Ways To Repurpose Clothes

It is a great feeling when you can take a well-loved piece of clothing that has run its course, and turn it into yet another well-loved item. There are many things you can do with your old clothes, with just some creativity and little bit of your time. Here are some ideas for when you are done wearing a particular piece of clothing, but you still want to get some use out of it. 1. Pants to Shorts Your pants may be too short now, or may have ripped in the knee. This is an easy fix, especially if summer is coming up. Cut the pants off to whatever length you want your shorts to be, and hem them. Brand new shorts, as easy as can be. 2. Denim and Flannel to Quilts Used denim and materials such as flannel can combine to make classic yet fashionable quilts. It is fairly simple and is a fun project to work on. Any room is given a touch of warmth with a homemade quilt. Simply cut the fabric into strips and sew them together. There are basic sewing tutorials all over the internet that