5 Ways To Repurpose Clothes

It is a great feeling when you can take a well-loved piece of clothing that has run its course, and turn it into yet another well-loved item. There are many things you can do with your old clothes, with just some creativity and little bit of your time. Here are some ideas for when you are done wearing a particular piece of clothing, but you still want to get some use out of it.

1. Pants to Shorts

Your pants may be too short now, or may have ripped in the knee. This is an easy fix, especially if summer is coming up. Cut the pants off to whatever length you want your shorts to be, and hem them. Brand new shorts, as easy as can be.

2. Denim and Flannel to Quilts

Used denim and materials such as flannel can combine to make classic yet fashionable quilts. It is fairly simple and is a fun project to work on. Any room is given a touch of warmth with a homemade quilt. Simply cut the fabric into strips and sew them together. There are basic sewing tutorials all over the internet that you can follow with easy instructions.

3. Clothing to Hot Packs

Do you have any clothing laying around that is no longer being used, and could probably stand to have more purpose in its existence? What family doesn’t need hot packs?

Simply cut squares or long rectangles of your favorite fabric, preferably an old pair of flannel pyjamas, and sew them inside out, leaving a small opening. Fill with rice, and then sew it shut. These hot packs can be microwaved and used to soothe everything from sore muscles, to children and adults who don’t want to crawl into a cold bed. This fun little project takes barely any time, and results in a very useful craft.

4. Sweater to Mitts

Most individuals have at least one sweater laying around that they loathe. Why not take this sweater, cut out some hand shapes and sew it inside out to create a pair of super cute winter mitts? If you have a family, you could make matching mitts for everyone.

5. T-Shirt to Dress

How many of us have old, baggy t-shirts that we have either had sitting around for ages, or were gifted to us by well-meaning friends or relatives with no taste? What better way to honor your friend than by turning their gift into an extremely cute strapless dress? It is quite easy to do, and you will be more than pleased with the results. There are different patterns for this sort of thing, so grab a baggy t-shirt and a pair of scissors and get moving.

There will never be a shortage of old clothing. From young to old and everyone in between, we all have items in our closets that we are no longer using. Take them out and breathe some new life into them. You will be amazed what you can do with those old clothes, a pair of scissors and a little creativity.

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