How Being an Eco Conscious Consumer Can Help Protect the Planet

One of the many factors that can affect the number of waste that are being piled up every single day is the way people purchase the things that they will use for their day to day activities. Discover how important it is to be wise when buying things and how it can help lessen the wastes that should be recycled.

The initial steps on the hierarchy of waste are to stay away from the need of collecting waste as well as to lessen the amount of waste being produced. Through the reduction of the waste amount, you will also be able to reduce the number of waste that will need to be disposed of or recycled.

Waste Avoidance

It is very simple to avoid waste and never take those things which you do not need or will not use. Plastic bags are among the unnecessary wastes that are very common today. Every time you shop, you will notice that most shops are providing plastic bags to carry home what they purchased home. However, if you will only buy a few things, it can be a wiser idea to avoid using plastic bags.

In case you will buy a lot of things, it will be better to just take a reusable bag with you for carrying home the things that you purchased. One more way for avoiding waste will be to avoid purchasing products that you do not need. This is where being a wise buyer comes in.

A lot of people today purchase toys, electronics, and clothing even when the toys, electronics and clothing that they have at home can still be used. Before you buy anything new, it is crucial to consider if this item is needed or you only wanted to have it. One great way for getting new items is through trading with your friends.

Most people pack lunches that they bring with them to school or work. It is a great way for avoiding waste. In place of putting your lunch in paper bag, you can use a reusable lunch box or take a lunch bag instead. For your snacks and sandwiches, you can use small and reusable containers.

Try to avoid purchasing the prepackaged snacks such as biscuits that are individually wrapped or muesli bars since this kind of packaging will only generate more waste. A good alternative will be to purchase larger food packages and place them inside tiny, reusable containers.

Waste Reduction

It is also very simple to reduce waste. One great way for reducing waste is through reducing package. Most of the things that you purchase at stores are being covered in several packaging layers. Is this needed? As a wise buyer, you might as well consider purchasing those items that have lesser packaging.

Majority of the items, like lentils, nuts and dry beans can be purchased in large quantities or in bulk. Instead of purchasing a box with a bean bag inside, for instance, you might as well purchase a bag that has large amounts of beans. One more way of reducing waste, purchase products that you can reuse or refill, a good example of which is pens. You can find pens that are not cannot be opened or refilled.

For this, it will be best to choose those pens that you can refill so that you can use the pen for a longer period of time.

Waste reduction is not only about the items going directly to garbage cans. One great means to lessen waste is to use resources wisely. Save water by taking shorter showers instead of taking longer baths.

On top of that, this will also prevent the clogging of waste water in the sewage treatment systems. Also, compact fluorescent light bulbs emit light for a lengthier period of time compared to the usual incandescent bulbs that will be able to help in saving electricity and keeping the light bulbs away from landfills.

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