30 Ways to Stop Global Warming

1. Drive smart. Avoid abrupt acceleration and unnecessary braking. Drive at constant speed. These          do not only save gas, but also save your life.

2. Keep your car maintained. On-schedule tune-up, air filter cleaning, change oil, and keeping tire          inflated improve you fuel mileage and reduce carbon emission.

3. Avoid excessive idling. Zero miles per hour give you zero miles per gallon. 

4. Walk, bike, or carpool whenever possible. These do not only save you gas but keep you in good          shape.

5. Combine errands into one car trip. This saves time and gas.

6. Invest on a hybrid car. It consumes less fuel and release zero or less carbon

7. Invest on power saving devices for your home.

8. Switch to renewable energy. Encourage others to do the same.

9. Insulate your home properly. Leaks around the house increase your energy consumption, thus              consuming more fossil fuel.

10. Wash clothes only on full load.

11. Use less hot water. It will save you a lot on electric bill and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

12. Reduce average home temperature. Keep your thermostat 2 degrees lower during the winter and          2 degrees higher during summer.

13. Install automatic thermostat. This can save you on electric bill big time.

14. Reduce garbage. Use less disposable materials not only do they pile up in landfills but they also          require fossil fuel to produce that contribute to global warming. 

15. Keep reusable products. Bring bags to the grocery, bring thermal container for your coffee,                  bring your own reusable water bottle, etc. 

16. Segregate your waste. Items such as plastics, paper, and glass can be recycled. If these are                    segregated from your other waste and are brought to recycling plants, you will help reduce the            demand for natural resources.

17. Use both sides of paper. This will reduce paper consumption by 50%.

18. Use muscles instead of machines. Manually cutting your lawn may be difficult, but it is just an            example of using your muscles instead of machines to reduce your carbon footprints.

19. Turn off your computer. Keeping your computer on standby or switching to screen saver is just            wasting energy.

20. Defrost old refrigerators regularly.

21. Use the off switch. Turn off all your electronic devices and switch off the lights that you don't              use.

22. Avoid vampire load. Keeping your television and other electronic gadgets on "standby" mode              still consumes at least 10% of its consumption when switched on. Unplug all unused electronics.

23. Plant a tree. Trees take in CO2 and give out O2. 

24. Be a volunteer to a local or national clean-up effort.

25. Encourage local communities to have programs that protect the environment.

26. Encourage schools to teach students to become more conscious on the effects of their actions on          nature.

27. Create awareness on the importance of saving the environment now.

28. Protect the environment.

29. Tell Congress to act on the issues of climate change and global warming. If it doesn't act, run               for Congress.

30. Share this list to as many people as you can.

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