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Don't Be A Pain in the Drain

There's a small handful of things you absolutely don't want to flush down the drain, such as money or time – and also old cooking grease, unused medicines, and household chemicals.   That's right - modern American homes are full of things that CAN go down the drain but SHOULDN'T.  Here few tips on what those are – and how to deal with them responsibly. Your doctor will tell you that grease clogs your arteries - it also clogs the arteries of your city or town, which are the sewage pipes that connect your home to the water treatment plant.  When grease clogs these pipes, the results aren't pretty: sewage can back up into the street, yards, and even into neighboring homes.    Oil & Grease The best thing to do with cooking oil and grease is to reuse it.  If the oil is used for frying mainly one thing, such as french fries, it can be used several times.  Just strain the oil through cheesecloth or coffee filters into a covered can or container.  Bacon grease

4 Ways to Green Your Christmas

When many people think about Christmas, they think of a stack of gifts piled under the holiday tree. It’s easy to forget about the waste generated, mostly in the form of gift wrap and product packaging. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we generate 25 percent more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. That translates into roughly one million extra tons! The amount of energy used also tends to increase, mainly due to electric lights and decorations. Some of this increased energy usage is also related to the fuel used for travel purposes. There's no need to panic, though. Here are a few things you can do to fight back against the problem of Christmas waste. It really isn't that difficult. 1. Get Creative with Gifts Gift wrap and product packaging really adds up over the holiday season. Not every family recycles all of this used paper and plastic once Christmas morning is just a memory. Worse yet, some wrapping paper isn’t recyclable at all.

Ideas for Green Christmas Gifts

You shouldn't be stuck thinking up ideas for green Christmas gifts. There are so many different ways to make excellent and interesting gifts and ornaments using existing materials, or things that are easy and inexpensive to obtain. Ideas for green christmas gifts are usually only limited by your imagination, so start imagining! Gift baskets are popular and are easily made too, and one of the best ideas for green Christmas gifts. The basket can be recycled from a cardboard box, cut to size and shape as desired, and wrapped in something original. The artwork that your children produce in school or at home is ideal for wrapping gift baskets. If you can't find enough old ones, have them make a few new ones. Any left over artwork can be shredded and laid in the bottom of the basket to provide a suitable crinkly base for the gifts. The gifts that fill the gift baskets can be anything. However, some of the better ideas for green Christmas gifts are things like homemade jams, homem

Green is Clean

The world is going green. This is because if we do not think about the future generations, they will never forgive us. Environment friendly products are gaining in popularity because they do not contribute to climate change or global warming; they are capable of re-growth unlike finite resources available on the earth; they help in waste reduction as they can be decomposed easily. In fact, manandrsquo;s aim has been replacing all inorganic products like plastic with organic products like paper. Home decor is another area where man is going green. Right from making use of tree stumps as a stool to use of plants in building walls to use of scrap wood in making tables and even using plant material in making rugs! Rugs were initially made from only natural sources like wool, animal hides, bamboo, cotton etc. With the help of technology, man started making rugs from synthetic material like rayon, nylon, acrylic etc.  But synthetic materials are non-biodegradable. Nylon rug manufacture

Organic Skin Care

“If it can be done naturally, why go for artificial means” - this is the basic premise on which ‘organic skin care’ works. Organic skin care is the most natural way of ‘skin care’. In fact, ‘organic skin care’ was probably the first one to be used by man when it first woke-up to the needs of his skin. ‘Organic skin care’ is not only friendlier to skin, but also inexpensive. If exercised in the right way, organic skin care can prevent the occurrence of a lot of skin disorders and can help keep your skin healthy and young-looking for a much longer time. Organic fruits and vegetables are the most popular things on organic skin care routines e.g. cucumber is very common in organic skin care routines. Turmeric, apple, papaya, ginger are others that find a wide use in organic skin care routines. These organic materials have a very refreshing and vitalizing effect on your skin. Almost every skin care book/guide has section on organic skin care (including the actions of various fruits and v