Eco Coaching

As with any coaching style, the ultimate goal of green living coaching is to improve the health and wellness of the client.  One needs to identify areas that need improvement in terms of societal and environmental awareness and a clear idea on the paths to take in achieving this feat.  This is what a green living coach can expose you to.  Green living coaches use a unique approach to reach this goal by helping their clients create a lifestyle that results in improvement to their health, their immediate environments, and our planet as a whole.  

Green living coaches incorporate wellness & life coaching strategies to put their clients on a pathway that supports healthy living across domains while considering the environmental impact of their every day choices.  They provide the tools and resources that their clients need to achieve their green goals and make the most out of their healthy, green lifestyle.  

One should have knowledge on environmental education and generally all matters covering every aspect of sustainable living like waste reduction or zero waste, organic food, resource conservation, gardening, etc. This is necessary in order to attain a healthier (which leads to wealth as the saying goes, “health is wealth”), greener lifestyle that is best for one to live and also good for the planet we live in without having to let go of money, time and comfort.

What a green living coach has to offer:
o   Imparts knowledge on how to create new habits that improve health while reducing the possible harm to the planet
o   Relates how to begin on the path of having a positive impact keeping it simple and stress free
o   Opens up your mind to ways to prudently manage your finances while also being eco-conscious as a consumer.
o   Gives you the proper morale to break through the challenges and myths that are pulling you back from attaining your desired goals

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