What is Green Living?

There are various facets to our day to day activities, starting from what kind of food we eat, to what type of cloth we put on, to our power consumption capacity, to what technology we use in our everyday life, to what mode of transportation we take, to what investment we make. Green living is making choices that promote the sustainability of our health, our communities, and our environment.  

I tend to view green living as a sort of continuum that is highly personalized and looks different for everyone involved.  It is an extension of healthy living that helps people and the planet and is the act of living with the intent of interacting with the environment in a way that prevents as much harm to it as possible.   The goal is to change the purpose of how we live and create a balanced lifestyle that works with nature rather against it.  This is possible when personal awareness is tended to and eco-conscious choices are made in our daily lives.

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