Creating a sustainable cup of tea

January is National Hot Tea Month!

Nothing warms your heart and soul like a fresh brewed cup of tea. But, did you know that a lot of waste can com from such a simple pleasure?

Let’s consider the environmental impact of a simple cup of tea and rethink how we can enjoy a global favorite in a more sustainable manner. 

Here’s how you can celebrate Hot Tea Month with zero waste:
  • Use locally sourced water. A cup of tea is 99% water. The closer you are to your water source, tap or spring, the less carbon that is emitted into the atmosphere in its journey to you.
  • Only boil what you need. Avoid boiling an entire kettle of water for a single cup of tea. This will help prevent wasting water and the energy needed to bring the water to the right temperature. 
  • Use an electric kettle which is more efficient than boiling water on a stove because they heat quicker preventing major heat losses to the room. 
  • Drink your tea from a reusable mug or compostable cup rather than from disposable options. 
  • Choose teas that come in compostable or recyclable packaging.
  • Once you’ve enjoyed your cup of tea be sure to compost the leaves which remain rich in nutrients even after several steepings. 
Bonus Tips
Add fresh herbs & spices to your tea (mint, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, etc)
Save money by brewing at home 

Even if you only use one of these green techniques you will be creating less waste and having less of a negative impact on the environment than you typically would while enjoying a cup of hot tea.

You can get some of my favorite loose leaf teas here or check out these 7 other eco tea brands

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