Green Living Goal #3: Reusable Bags (for all occasions)

Plastic bags have been something I have struggled to be consistent with in the past.  Like everyone else, my intentions have been good, but my execution has lacked - but not this year!   While at retail stores, eating establishments, and card stores I have gotten into the habit of saying no thank you to excess bagging and choose to carry my items bag-free when I don’t have a reusable on hand.  I recently invested in a set of 6 reusable grocery bags (the kinds that fold into themselves and fit in my tiny purse) for $18, a set of 5 produce bags for $5, and a set of 8 food storage bags for $30 with the goal of completely eliminating my plastic bag consumption. This is a small price to pay upfront  for something that has such a significant impact on our health, the environment, and our various ecosystems and will end up saving me money long term.

They no longer sell the bags I had originally purchased, but you might like these reusable grocery bags and these produce bags

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