Green Living Goal #5: Sustainable Feminine Care

Feminine care products might not be the most popular topic of conversation, but it is an important conversation for everyone to be having.  This is because the waste associated with periods ends up affecting everyone and the environment as a whole. 

As a 32 year old woman, I am intimately familiar with some feminine care products.  Confession – I have never used tampons due to personal preference and health concerns. I am blessed with a super light and short cycle so for the past few years I have been using organic cotton panty liners when it's that time of month.  After learning a bit more about the enormous amount of waste created by feminine care products each year I decided I wanted to take things a bit further than just protecting my health.  I want to protect the planet, too.

Here are some facts that really surprised (and scared me):

- The average women uses 17,000 pads & tampons throughout her life which equates to about 62,415 pounds of garbage.

- The average woman throws away 5 pairs of underwear each year due to period related issues (which means even more trash, and the need for more new products to be made).

These days there are lots of options available for women to deal with their periods and ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference.  To do my part and make a difference I have invested in a few period panties that completely eliminate the need for disposable products.  I’m not gonna lie - I tried them on when I received them and they fit great and were comfortable.  I couldn't wait to get my period that month and have been using them very happily ever since.

Here is a link to the period panties I use  but you may also like these ones made from bamboo

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