Nat'l Bubble Bath Day! (Jan 8th)

Thinking about a steamy bubbly bath evokes feelings of warmth and relaxation for me.  They’re rejuvenating and comforting in a unique way that allows us to release our stresses if only for a little bit. A cold winter day is a wonderful time to soak up some quiet time in the bath, but it’s important to be eco-conscious about our celebration.

Fun Facts:
Buying concentrated bubble bath instead of a standard 16oz plastic bottle of bubble bath every other month you can save one-quarter pound of plastic and $10-20 per year more.  If one in one hundred households decreased their bubble bath purchases in this way, the savings would total 250,000 pounds of plastic.  That amount of plastic could build a wading pool the size of Wrigley Field.

Here are some ways to enjoy National Bubble Bath day in an environmentally friendlier way:

1. Use baths as an indulgence or special treat when you need some extra TLC rather than as a regular event.

2. If you’re going to take a bath try saving water elsewhere to offset the usage.

3. Spending just two minutes less in the shower can save up to 10 gallons of water.  If every American saved just one gallon from their daily shower over the course of a year it would equal the amount of fresh water withdrawn from the Great Lakes every day (The Great Lakes are the world’s largest source of fresh water).

4. Use organic and sustainable bubbles in your bath to decrease negative health and environmental impacts of taking a bath.

5.  Clean your bath using eco friendly products

6.  Instead of taking a full body bath try soaking just your feet to conserve water.

Remember: saving water also saves energy.


6.  Instead of taking a full body bath try soaking just your feet to conserve water.

7.  When you’re finished relaxing in your bath use the graywater for laundry, irrigating your plants or manually flushing your toilet.
Other ways to green your bath experience:
Install a low flow shower head, use a device that tracks your water usage, use LED light bulbs in your bathroom or bathe by candlelight, switch to an energy efficient vent fan.

Need another reason to green your bath routine?  By 2025, the world must increase its water supply by 22% in order to meet its needs.

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