Nat'l Cut Your Energy Costs Day! (Jan 10th)


A comfortable living room temperature is 68 degrees.
A comfortable bedroom temperature is 65 degrees.


Get snuggled up with your favorite blanket and turn down your heat to make a difference in your energy consumption.  


You'll save 7-11% in energy resources used which will translate into a cost savings over time.


TAKE ACTION - Turn your thermostat up one degree higher for air conditioning and one degree lower for heating.  

The difference in feel should be barely noticeable to you if it's even noticeable at all but you'll be saving a small amount of energy.  It may not seem like one degree can have such a huge impact, but consider taking this thermostat challenge a step further by asking your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same in their homes.  If every American turned the dial just one degree we could save $10 billion in one year on energy costs...and that is a BIG change.


Looking for an even easier way to live a little greener right this minute? 

Here's a bright idea - simply move your lamps (or other heat emitting devices) away from your thermostat to keep your heating & cooling system from working so hard.  This requires minimal effort on your part but you’ll be able to conserve energy, save money and perhaps improve the Feng-Shui in your home without having to do anything fancy.

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