Preserving Our Air, Conserving Energy and Saving Money

Since you are reading this blog I am going to assume that your have at least some sort of interest in living a greener lifestyle (forgive me if this is not the case).  It's important to understand that green living is a lot EASIER than most people think.  Especially since all aspects of our lives, including driving to work and mowing our lawns, can be incorporated into to living green.  You can check out these 5 Myths About Going Green for more on this.

A sudden change to green living is likely too much for most people, and might discourage you from putting into practice some important eco-friendly moves.  The good news is that there are a lot of small ways you can go green and do your part for the environment.  Doing something small is ALWAYS better than doing nothing at all.  

Preserving Our Air Some cities have a big problem with smog and air pollution, and much of it can be traced to manufacturing plants.  However, that's not the only contributor to the problem. Cars and trucks, traffic congestion and long commutes add considerably to the pollution.

You are increasing the amount of air pollutants emitted by each car, which is wrecking our ozone, when you have many cars driving around on the city streets.  Simple ways to help save the environment is to car pool, walk more often instead of using your car, or perhaps even buying a hybrid automobile that is more energy-efficient.  These small changes can significantly positively impact the environment and help make it healthy for future generations. 

Conserving Energy & Saving Money
There are many ways to conserve energy and save money once you take a look around your home.  For example, take a look at the kind of light bulbs you use.  Typical incandescent bulbs add up to higher electricity costs and more carbon dioxide.  If you exchange even a few of these light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs or LED's, you can help save the environment and also save money on your electric bills.

To save even more money, you can close up any cracks around your doors and windows to stop drafts from getting into your home.  Ensuring that your house is properly insulated can help cut down on those winter electricity costs while also reducing your impact on the environment.  Its a win-win all around.  

You can also examine your appliances to see if they're consuming excessive energy.  If you have older models, it's likely that they're not very efficient. While some of the changes are in the appliances that you use, other ways to go green involve your own habits and actions.  As one example, you can simply stop opening the over door during cooking to check on what's inside.  This wastes energy, since the harder an appliance has worked, the more energy it consumes. Every time you open the oven door, the temperature drops about 25 degrees.  Then it has to consume more energy to get back up to the original temperature.  Keeping the door closed during cooking requires no money and minimal effort, a super simple way to be more efficient and tread lighter on the earth.

When you're trying to preserve our air and conserve energy it is important to apply the environmental principles of the 3R's - reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Reducing the amount of waste that you produce has the most significant impact, but always try to reuse and recycle what you already have.  The less that gets tossed into landfills the better off we all are.

The things mentioned in this blog may seem like small changes, but they can have a huge impact on the environment. S imply put, if everyone does them, this has a huge impact in a positive way on the environment.  Every little bit everyone can do will go a long way toward preserving our planet for future generations so pay attention to the environment and get involved so that you, too, begin to positively impact the environment by implementing green living strategies. 

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