Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

There are lots of ways to go greener at home. The kitchen is one of the best places to do this. Go beyond recycling to greening your everyday kitchen and dining items.

Green Dinnerware

We are not suggesting you ditch your dinnerware, but if you have to replace it, look for dinnerware that is made from 100% recycled glass.

Green Containers

Try BPA-free plastic containers to cut down on food packaging like foil and wax paper. Also use them for packing lunches for the whole family. Create your own make and freeze meals by cooking in bulk and dividing them into homemade TV dinners. This will be healthier, save money and cut down on packaging waste compared to buying frozen meals in the supermarket.

Cooking and Serving Utensils

Rosewood is a durable and sustainable material, which makes it an ideal choice for cooking and serving utensils. Invest in rosewood utensils such as salad servers, spoons, spatulas, cake servers and anything else that suits your lifestyle and level of entertaining. For best results, wash your wooden utensils by hand and oil occasionally with bamboo cleaning oil to keep them looking new.

Serving Bowls

Recycled glass bowls or recycled metal bowls are durable and attractive, and can be used for everything from fruit and bread to salad bowls. Invest in several bowls in different sizes. Choose a versatile design that will work well with your dinnerware and suit both formal and informal occasions.


Placemats come in a variety of materials. Many are recycled or made from bamboo, which is strong and durable. Choose styles and materials that suit your d├ęcor and dinnerware. Look for Fair Trade items that support small business owners and craftspeople in the developing world.


Green glassware should be durable and attractive. Aim for recycled glass and a range of sizes, such as small and tall glasses, wine glasses, pitchers and more.


Aim for durable and attractive. Steer clear of cheap mugs made overseas with potentially hazardous glazes. In terms of travel mugs, aim for stainless and recycled. Take care of the tops so the leak-proof seal does not wear out.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards should be made of wood. They are durable, take care of your knives and don’t breed germs the way plastic can. Aim for bamboo, which is sturdy and sustainable. Cutting boards come in all shapes, sizes and colors.


Think sustainable fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton. Your apron will also protect your clothes so you can cut down on laundry and all of the resources that are used up when you do it.


Dishwashers are generally not considered to be green, but if you have a huge volume of washing up to do regularly, look for appliances with a high energy-star rating and that conserve water. Use greener cleaners and skip the steam drying. Let the cycle complete, then open the door to let them air dry. Or dry with a cotton dishcloth and then put away so your dishwasher will be ready for another load.

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