National Beer Day

Today is National Beer Day and I am encouraging all of you that celebrate to be a little greener by drinking beverages from breweries that apply environmental principles to their businesses. Here is a list of some of my favorite eco friendly breweries and why I love them:
1. BROOKLYN BREWERY uses 100% sustainable energy sourced from windfarms in Upstate New York. They also pay local dairy & livestock farmers to take their used grain to prevent it from being disposed of as waste. 2. SIERRA NEVADA BREWING COMPANY gets 100% of their electric from rooftop and parking lot solar panels, they divert almost all of their waste from landfills, and purify their used water for us in the crops. 3. NEW BELGIUM BREWERY is one of my favorites (probably because I used to live right near it - try their Sunshine if you get a chance). They have a lot of environmental goals they're working towards and they currently divery 99% of their waste from landfills, reduce their emissions and conserve/create energy where they can. Check out for more on these goals. 4. TRINITY BREWING is located in a 100% recycled building, uses as many raw and local materials as possible, and recycles theur compost, grain, glass, metal, and plastic wastes. They age their beer in recycled wine barrels and support non profits focused on climate change with frequent donations. 5. ALASKAN BREWING COMPANY is working towards a goal of zero net negative effect on the environment, they recycle and reuse their waste and emissions, and relaims their carbon dioxide which prevents approximately 783,000 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.
Read more about these breweries at and be sure to let us know what you think about their beers!


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