Fair Trade

May 12th is World Fair Trade Day, celebrate by understand what the term fair trade actually means and how it fits in with living a green lifestyle.   

Once you decide that you want to be an eco-conscious consumer, you will connect your environmentalism with other ethical considerations and personal values.  Green consumers often try to source raw materials or buy wholesale from "fair trade" co-operatives and small businesses.  It is not enough to invest in products labeled as being "green".  Green is a mindset and group of values which reflect a dedication to sustainability, being organic, and sourcing fair trade products.  

As the name suggests, fair trade means that the suppliers, such as coffee farmers, are paid a fair wage for their produce, not forced to live on a poverty-level wage. Coffee, tea, and cocoa are just a few of the items you might have in your office kitchen. Fair trade clothing, jewelry and furniture might all be part of your new shopping repertoire.  

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