5 Ways to Save Water in Your Home

There are many ways you can use less water in your home.  By saving water, you can cut down the amount of your water bill extensively while taking actions that have a positive impact on the Earth and its resources.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do personally that will make a difference.

1. Choose Showers instead of Baths 

Do you enjoy a long soak in the tub, and prefer getting clean this way instead of in the shower?  This could be adding up little by little.  The average bath uses 35 to 50 gallons of water, as opposed to the average shower, which uses about 25 gallons every ten minutes when using a water-saving shower head.  This means that after one week, you could save up to 175 gallons of water through this simple step alone!  It doesn’t take much effort to install the water-saving shower head, and the difference in water used certainly adds up over time.  Also be mindful of how long you spend in the shower - a few minutes less per shower can mean a notable difference in your water bill by the end of the month.

2. Use Less Water in Baths

If you are going to have a bath, try to save it for special occasions when you need to give yourself a little extra tender loving care.  When you are in need of relaxation in the tub, use less water and get the temperature right the first time you run it, instead of filling the bath with lukewarm water and then draining some to replace it with warmer water later.

Check out my blog about National Bubble Bath Day to discover more ways you can conserve resources when you do take a bath.  

3. Use the Washer Less

Are you the type of organized individual who separates their clothing into ten or more groups when doing laundry?  While it might feel like you are accomplishing a great task to divide laundry into groups such as brights, darks, denims, shirts, delicates, socks, and the several other categories you could make…try to think about what piles you could wash together.

It is extremely wasteful to use the washing machine to clean only a few items, when you could easily fill it up.  Most clothes are more durable than we realize and it is generally fine to put as many clothes into a load as you can reasonably fit so try to do even one fewer load per week to make a difference 

4. Turn Off the Tap When Brushing Your Teeth

Are you someone who turns the water on while you brush your teeth when getting ready in the morning or before bed, and mindlessly lets it run while you stare into the mirror and clean your pearly whites?  Next time, try turning off the tap immediately after you wet your toothbrush, and then leave it off until rinsing it out after. This act alone can save you six liters of water per minute!

5. Reuse Your Towels and Clothing

Instead of creating endless loads of laundry that will eventually need to be washed, be wise about filling up the laundry bin.  Use your towel more than once, instead of a new one every day.  Wear your clean pants over again, as well as anything else that could be worn twice.  You'll not only be saving water but you'll delay how long it takes for your clothing to get worn out.  

Saving water ends up being a series of small choices that add up to big savings in the end.  Do your best to be wise in the amount of water you use and use these tips to help you get started in brainstorming even more ways to save water in your home wherever possible.

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