Donating & Selling Old Items

When there are things that are no longer being used, most people end up throwing them away, without realizing that this action is another reason for the continuous increase of wastes in the world. In this article, you will realize that donating or selling items is a much better thing to do instead of throwing them away.Anything that no longer serves you no longer earns a space in your life.

However, one obstacle when it comes to de-cluttering that most people face is deciding on what they can do with the things that they want to get rid of. Sad to say, you can easily get confused when facing this dilemma to the point that some people even get totally immobilized, and they end up failing to let go of their things simply because they can never decide where these should really go.

When it comes to reducing the number of wastes in the world today, do you know that you can help in your own way by donating or selling your stuff instead of merely throwing them to the trash?

Donate or Sell Your Things for a Cleaner Future

So, how do you know if you can still sell or donate your clutter?

When to Donate

All people have their own sense of identifying what can be donated. However, as far as donation is concerned, you can only give stuff to the different charities if:
  •   They still look appealing, nothing rusty, tatty and the like.
  •   It is still in proper working condition, with no need for any repair.
  •   It is still in decent quality, with nothing that is practically junk.
  •   It is in good condition.</li>
  •   It can still be sold but you cannot bring yourself to sell it.
When to Sell

If you want to de-clutter, you need to consider some things before you can sell away your stuff.
  •   It is worth more than how much it would amount if you will organize a sale.
  •   You have the time to bother yourself on organizing the sale
Donating and selling your stuff is not something that you should just do without mulling things over because if you just do it that way, you will end up making the condition of wastes in the world worse than when you started.

Reusable Bags

If you usually go shopping, do you know that there is something that you can do to help reduce the ever increasing number of wastes in the world? There are now reusable bags whose use is being promoted in many parts of the world for good reasons. If you are just preparing to go to the grocery to do your shopping, what will you choose to bring - a plastic bag or a reusable bag?

When you use their plastic bags, do you know that it will take thousands of years for these bags to break down, which is virtually translated to forever? And during those years of slowly breaking down, these plastic bags will little by little separate to very small pieces of toxic particles which can contaminate both the soil and water that can then affect all the other living creatures, including yourself.

The Perks of Using Reusable Bags

Think about this. With all the problems that are associated to plastic and even paper bags, you will do yourself and the whole world a great favor if you will actually start to use the so-called reusable bags. The benefits that you can get from using these bags are actually numerous and below are several reasons why you need to stop ditching the use of plastic and paper bags and invest instead in reusable bags.

Reduce Plastic Production

Petroleum and sometimes natural gas are required for producing plastic bags and surely, you know that these resources are non-renewable. Also, these can be very expensive and after some time, cost a lot of money. With the use of reusable plastic bags, you can lessen the production of plastic, thus reduce the amount of the non-renewable sources that will be consumed.

Empty the Landfills

The moment plastic bags fill up a landfill, these will take around 1,000 years before they degrade. The plastic bags do not biodegrade and instead, these photo-grade, meaning these are breaking down to toxic pieces. Thus, when you keep on using plastic bags, these will continue to pile up in the landfills, destroying the precious environment.

Protect the Wildlife and Marine Life

Do you know that plastic bags can affect both marine life and wildlife? In fact, more than hundreds of thousands of marine animals get killed yearly due to plastic bags. By using reusable bags, you can help preserve the lives of the other living creatures around you. There are many other benefits that you can get out of using reusable bags. These are only some of them and there will be more that you can enjoy yourself once you start using these bags.

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