Being an Eco Conscious Consumer

As a single individual, you can make an impact on curbing the environmental pollution with the purchases that you make. The items that you do or don't purchase can create change in your local area and on a much larger scope, also.

Searching online, using google or yahoo will give you results about manufacturers who have the environment in mind when creating their products. Include the current name brands that you currently use to discover if that business is contributing solutions or harming the environment.

Some companies are employing techniques to handle the environment but are creating toxic products. There is one company that I know of that is utilizing the stuff in a garbage dump to create the energy to run the factories. This is certainly a step in the right direction but the products the company creates are toxic household cleaners that are packaged in plastic bottles. This is a company that is still not on the right track because the point is that you want to eliminate the toxins and use packaging that decomposes.

There are some everyday products that we are using that never biodegrade. One such item is plastic foam. You can see this being used in restaurants, cafeterias and fast food joints. Plastic foam is also used to create take-out coffee cups. There are many manufacturers still producing this product on a worldwide basis. You can just not buy the products or go to the places serving food and drinks in such containers. If you want you can take one more step which is to write the offices of the places that you are not going to in order to let the managers know that you stopped being a patron because of the products used.

Other problems products are plastic bags, such as baggies and trash bags, plus plastic containers of many sizes and shapes. The situation is, the products sometimes don't ever biodegrade or take decades and centuries to do so. Anything that is inside such a product will not decompose until the plastic is gone from the outside. As a smart shopper, carry cotton or canvas totes with you instead of accepting the paper or plastic - both of which are not good for the environment.

With that said, what does one do with his garbage that is usually thrown away in a plastic bag? DO another search online at google or yahoo to locate companies. One such company is truly working to create a better world with rePETe bags that are totally recycled materials. Other searches regarding the same subject will give you pages of results for products to do the job but do not cost much. You can safely use the garbage bags and know that your garbage will decompose within a matter of months, not centuries.

That same search on google will turn up results about trash bags that are made from polyethylene. The theory is that the poly bags can be used to create park benches and other things IF recycled. However, the use of the bag is for putting trash in thus it will wind up in a garbage dump, take about 500 years to decompose plus the items thrown away in such a trash bag won't decompose until the bag does.

Shop smart by doing your research first and eliminate from your list the companies and products that are not survival for the planet. Each individual person can have a huge impact on reducing pollution.

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