How Do Solar Panels Work

Have you noticed a recent increase of solar panels around your neighborhood?  Ever been curious as to how they actually work?  They're actually quite fascinating!

Solar panels make use of the power of the sun to create a similar process as that in chemical batteries. This action is the free flow of electrons. The plates of solar panels are designed of this natural form of silicon. Natural silicon atoms carry four electrons, but have room for an extra four. The plates possess a neutral charge while they are by themselves since each silicon atom requires eight electrons altogether to have a charge. Which means that they must be coupled with other elements that do possess a positive or negative charge.

For electricity to actually flow, you require both a positive and negative charge. Phosphorus is usually combined with the silicon to produce the negative plate and boron to create the positive plate. The plates are then coupled together with wires that happen to be great at conducting electricity to form one panel made from a positive plus a negative half.

The photons introduce energy into the negative plate. Once sufficient energy has been applied, the extra electron which made the silicon-phosphorus combination negative breaks clear. The electron is drawn into the outer band of the silicon-boron blend. This process releases the energy inserted by the photons and this energy source is converted to energy as soon as it's taken by the conductive wire connections between the plates.

Despite the fact that only one escaping electron isn't going to generate much electricity, the merged effort of millions of them loaded into the plate can power a modest engine. Then again, the angle of the plate has to be just right or you won't get the most out of it, productivity can be cut in half by just a minor movement.

Solar panels do not produce much electrical energy, but any extra that there may perhaps be is usually stashed in a battery and retained for a rainy day (quite literally in this case). The larger sized the solar panels, the more electric power they will produce. Modern technology is constantly improving and trying to help make them more valuable. One day it may be possible to supply a racing car with a solar panel the size of an A4 piece of paper. Consider having entire metropolitan areas using the electricity made by only a city block or two of solar panels in lieu of having a roof lined in the panels for each residence!

Solar panels furthermore save you a good deal of money on electricity bills and will make back their cost in a few short years, where after you will have free electricity. Amazing, is it not?

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