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Making Your Own Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Did you know that you can easily make your own cleaners that are not only better for the environment but also work well, while being safer for you, your kids and your pets, too?  Let’s look at some basic, easy-to-make eco-friendly cleaners. All you need are a few ingredients you likely already have around your house, and a few spray bottles plus, some sort of writing instrument to label the bottles.   Wash Your Windows In a spray bottle, mix 2 cups of water with 3 tablespoons white vinegar.   You can use old newspaper as your cloth to wash the window, or use a squeegee. The vinegar smell will disappear quickly and your windows (or any glass surface) will look sparkly and shiny. Disinfect If you have surfaces that need to be disinfected, such as cutting boards and toilets, you can easily create that yourself in a spray bottle.   Just mix 2 cups of water with four drops of any type of natural soap, like unscented liquid castile soap, and 10 to 15 drops of tea tree oil

5 Ways To Green Your Bath Routine

Thinking about a steamy bubbly bath evokes feelings of warmth and relaxation for me.  They’re rejuvenating and comforting in a unique way that allows us to release our stresses if only for a little bit. A cold winter day is a wonderful time to soak up some quiet time in the bath, but it’s important to be eco-conscious about our celebration. FUN FACTS Buying concentrated bubble bath instead of a standard 16oz plastic bottle of bubble bath every other month you can save one-quarter pound of plastic and $10-20 per year more.  If one in one hundred households decreased their bubble bath purchases in this way, the savings would total 250,000 pounds of plastic.  That amount of plastic could build a wading pool the size of Wrigley Field. Need another reason to green your bath routine?  By 2025, the world must increase its water supply by 22% in order to meet its needs. Here are some ways to enjoy National Bubble Bath day in an environmentally friendlier way: 1. Use baths as an indulgence